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เครื่องสร้างโอโซน เครื่องผลิตโอโซน Ozone Generator AC 220V Quartz tube 3g/h ozone generator accessories (ozone hig/h voltage power + ozone tube)
รหัสสินค้า : ZON037
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รุ่น : KS-3G
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เครื่องสร้างโอโซน เครื่องผลิตโอโซน Ozone Generator AC 220V Quartz tube 3g/H ozone generator accessories (ozone high voltage power + ozone tube)

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Technical Parameters:

  • Name: Quartz tube 3G / H ozone generator accessories (ozone high voltage power + ozone tube)
  • Model: KS-3G
  • Working voltage: AC 220V
  • Power consumption: 5-40W adjustable
  • Gas source: dry clean oxygen or air
  • Ozone production: when the 93% oxygen flow rate is 1~2L/min, the ozone production is ≥3G/H
  • When the air (dry and clean) is 10~15L/MIN, the ozone output is ≥3G/H
  • Working environment temperature: -7 ~ 45 ° C
  • Working environment humidity: ≤85%RH relative humidity
  • Dimensions: Ozone tube size: 136*56*53MM Power supply size: 138*56*42mm
  • Net weight: 0.9kg

Product structure Description:

  1. KS-3G quartz tube 3G/H ozone generator fittings are composed of quartz ozone tube and high voltage power supply.
  2. Composition and characteristics of quartz tube: internal electrode 316L stainless steel, external electrode aluminum alloy heat sink, dielectric material content of 99.7% or more silica quartz tube, polytetrafluoroethylene and fluorine rubber sealing original combination, external electrode Air-cooled, the size of the nozzle is 7MM pagoda, using the inner diameter of 6MM or 7MM anti-oxidation air pipe connection (Teflon tube), the main characteristics of the quartz tube generator is dielectric value dielectric constant high, medium toughness is not bad in transit. The coefficient of thermal expansion is low, and the gas source withstand voltage is 0.3 MPA. The normal service life is generally 20,000 hours.
  3. high-voltage power supply composition and characteristics: vacuum epoxy high-pressure package; main features: moisture, waterproof, can be used in harsh environments, circuit anti-interference, normal service life of more than 8K hours.

Equipment Use Description:

  • The KS-3G quartz tube ozone generator accessory is the main core component of the ozone machine. The gas supply source can be used with oxygen or air. It can be used in places where ozone sterilization or purification is required. It is generally used in small air treatment or small water treatment.

Equipment Installation Instructions:

  • The first step: the high-voltage power supply and the ozone tube are installed on the insulation board, and the insulation board is fixed in the chassis. It is necessary to pay attention to: the ozone tube and the high-voltage power supply are larger than 3 cm from the metal chassis. If the high-voltage part is too close to the metal case, it may be The high-pressure eddy current is formed to affect the use or even damage. The ozone tube is installed in the convection air space on the chassis to ensure that the fan on the working time can blow the heat sink of the ozone tube to ensure the air electrode of the ozone tube is cooled and stabilized.
  • The second step: the installation of the air inlet and the ozone outlet: the nozzle of the ozone tube is not divided into the air outlet, and any end can enter and exit. The air guiding material of the air inlet can be made of silicone tube or PVC tube, and the air outlet is anti-oxidation. The pipe (tetrafluorotube, fluorine hose, etc.) is connected, and it is required to be airtight. The gas that enters the inlet of the ozone pipe, whether oxygen or air, must ensure that the gas is clean and dry, and the temperature should not be higher than 40 °C. The humidity should not be greater than 85% RH.

Wiring method of high voltage power supply and ozone discharge tube:

Between the two dotted lines is the inner hollow portion of the stainless steel tube inside the ozone tube. The high-voltage wire with the circlip is welded into the inside, and the circlip is inserted into the middle portion of the ozone tube with a screwdriver. Another high voltage line is connected to the aluminum alloy heat sink of the ozone discharge tube.


Ozone tube structure diagram:

Installation Example:

  • High efficiency: narrow gap discharge (0.35MM), high ozone conversion rate and low noise.
  • Low power consumption: high-voltage high-frequency corona discharge, power consumption rate of 6-8KW.h/kgO3.
  • Small size: effective volume saving, the silica quartz ozone generator unit is 1/3-1/2 smaller than the output product.
  • High voltage resistance: The tube operating voltage is only 1/5 of its breakdown voltage, and the high dielectric constant.High quality: dielectric material is made of high-purity silica quartz material for high-temperature sintering, high precision, uniform discharge, 316L stainless steel inner electrode and compact firmware, PTFE nozzle, anti-corrosion high-purity fluorine rubber ring seal, external air-cooling The heat dissipation adopts the latest solar aluminum alloy heat dissipation technology to effectively dissipate heat, and the ozone decay for a long time is ultra low <1/10, and the service life is long, up to 20,000 hours. 


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