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เครื่องวัดกัมมันตภาพรังสี มิเตอร์วัดกัมมันตภาพรังสี Counter Nuclear Radiation Detector Dosimeters Marble Tester Electromagnetic Radiation Detectors
รหัสสินค้า : DGN004
ยี่ห้อ :
รุ่น : BR-6
สภาพสินค้า : สินค้ามือใหม่
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ราคา :3990.00 ฿
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เครื่องวัดกัมมันตภาพรังสี มิเตอร์วัดกัมมันตภาพรังสี Counter Nuclear Radiation Detector Dosimeters Marble Tester Electromagnetic Radiation Detectors (สั่งซื้อ 2 อาทิตย์)

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  • BR-6 radioactivity detector
  • The average detection takes about 8 minutes
  • According to national standards GB18871-2002
  • The average detection is less than 0.52 are qualified
  • The natural environment there is background radiation
  • real-time data will fluctuate within a certain range
  • press the drive key to enter the test interface
  • BR-6 type nuclear radiation detector
  • The use of sophisticated military grade GM tube as the core sensor


  • high sensitivity
  • Wide measuring range
  • Advantages of long life


  • Material inspection,
  • environmental test,
  • Radiology Protection,
  • Radiopharmaceuticals screening


  • detectable species: Beta Gamma X-ray
  • Sensor Type: GM tube
  • Energy Range: 50kev-1.5mev less than 30%
  • Relative intrinsic error of less than plus or minus 10%
  • Sensitivity: 80cpm / USV / co-60
  • The maximum dose equivalent rate: 99.99usv / h
  • The use of ambient temperature -25 +45 Relative humidity less than 95%
  • Power supply: 2 AA batteries, (batteries not include) can be powered by usb port when you need long-term monitoring time


  1. power button
    ON to boot
    Boot automatically display real-time monitoring interface
  2. After the shutdown, press and hold off zero current consumption
  3. triangular start button is used to measure the mean,
    Natural environment there is background radiation (background radiation)
    It will fluctuate within a certain range,
  4. the top of the screen displays a blue font for the "second" real-time update of the dose rate,
    Which is characterized by large fluctuations, update speed, real-time,
  5. is the mean of the middle of the red font display, is a mean dose rate period, when detecting an item or the environment when press the start button (this time can no longer move the tester)

    Enter the state average measurement will display the measurement results after the end of
    The trend diagram below presents the average real measurement value of each moment,
    Mean measurement is characterized by high precision, the effective dose equivalent response rate real environment, but the elapsed time is longer,
  6. horn button is used to select the sound source device, each time you press the switch once source,
    When the small speaker icon is displayed when the artificial alarm sound (only achieve this status only sound the alarm threshold)
    When the mute icon is displayed when that turn off all sources
  7. the scale key (right key) is used to switch the alarm threshold,
    Four optional 0.5 / 1.0 /2.0 /5.0
    When the source is selected as the speaker state when the threshold is set to be valid


  • Internal sensor glass equipment, is fragile, please keep the instrument
  • Can be tester all product Radioactive detection
  • Can measure radioactivity, Under normal circumstances, do not worry about the number of times
  • The life of the GM tube is calculated in billion units.
  • The material is glass Do not worry about using life
  • Size: 13.5 x 7*4cm/5.31"x 2.76" x 1.57"

Package includes:

  • 1 Pc x Radiation Detector




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