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เครื่องผลิตโอโซน โอโซนเจนเนอเรเตอร์ 220V 500-1000mg/h Silica Tube Water Ozone Generator กำจัดสิ่งปนเปื้อนในน้ำ ฟอกอากาศ
รหัสสินค้า : ZON039
ยี่ห้อ :
รุ่น : ZA-L40
สภาพสินค้า : สินค้ามือใหม่
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ราคา :1990.00 ฿
รายละเอียดสินค้า :

เครื่องผลิตโอโซน โอโซนเจนเนอเรเตอร์ 220V 500-1000mg/h Silica Tube Water Ozone Generator กำจัดสิ่งปนเปื้อนในน้ำ ฟอกอากาศ

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  1. The small ozone generating accessory device is used in the water dispenser to disinfect and sterilize, produce active oxygen water, remove bleaching powder, and degrade heavy metals.
  2. small ozone generator accessories can be disinfected, air disinfection in the wardrobe space, wardrobe mold, odor.
  3. home wardrobe sterilization, home wardrobe pest control.
  4. shoe cabinet sterilization, shoe cabinet to smell, prevent athlete's foot.
  5. the new product environmental protection design of the wardrobe shoe cabinet.
  6. disinfection cabinet sterilization, save electricity, do not change the shape of the material inside the disinfection cabinet.


  • Discharge Tube: 130×40×30mm
  • Circuit: 100*62*46mm
  • Model ZA-L40
  • Oxygen production 500-1000mg/h
  • Power supply 220V power ≤20W
  • Chassis material ABS ozone output interface 6.5mm connector
  • Air source air source ozone generation method tubular corona discharge
  • Note: A fan is required for use during use.

Product advantages:

  • Ozone generator accessories are small in size and high in output.
  • The working noise is low, the ozone outlet concentration is high, the purity is high, and special technology controls the production of nitrogen oxides.
  • It belongs to the current cost-effective components of ozone functional appliances and medical devices.

Scope of application:

  • Accessories for household products grafted with ozone technology
  • Ozone-type micro-washing machine, disinfection cabinet, refrigerator, water dispenser, water purifier, straight drink machine, raw drink machine
  • Ozone type dishwasher, dryer, shoe cabinet, wardrobe, hairdressing equipment, ornamental fish aerator
  • Medical equipment: tub, bath basin, etc.


Performance characteristics:

  1. Using ozone gap discharge to generate ozone technology, work stably, high ozone volume
  2. The circuit is integrated with the ozone generating tube and the bubble pump. After the power is turned on, the ozone gas with a certain pressure is discharged from the exhaust port.
  3. compact structure, reasonable design, strong compatibility; low working noise, low temperature rise, stable air pump output, high ozone generation efficiency
  4. the small ozone generating accessory device is small in size, which is conducive to the installation and configuration of the design product, saving costs.
  5. This small ozone generator accessories have strong disinfection ability, low power and save power.
  6. Special technology controls the production of nitrogen oxides to ensure healthy use.



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