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  • ชุดปรับมุมเอียงตามแสงอาทิตย์ 12V Solar Tracker Kits-450mm 18inch 4mms Linear Actuator +Electric Controller +Light Sensor +IR Remote สั่งประกอบ1-2week
ชุดปรับมุมเอียงตามแสงอาทิตย์ 12V Solar Tracker Kits-450mm 18inch 4mms Linear Actuator +Electric Controller +Light Sensor +IR Remote สั่งประกอบ1-2week
รหัสสินค้า : STS004
ยี่ห้อ :
รุ่น : NST450-B
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ชุดปรับมุมเอียงตามแสงอาทิตย์ 12V Solar Tracker Kits -450mm 18'' 4mm/s Linear Actuator +Electric Controller +Light Sensor +IR Remote สั่งประกอบ 1-2 อาทิตย์

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Here for sale is Complete Single Axis Solar Tracker Kits, items Including a 450mm/ 18" Stroke Length Linear Actuators &2PCS Silver Mounting Brackets and the Electronic Controller Set you need for a single axis solar tracker system.
Build your own frame and you will get a professional grade single axis solar tracker!

About the East-West Linear Actuator With Mounting Brackets  

For the Linear Actuator, we have  200mm/250mm/300mm/350mm/400mm/450mm Stroke Length  for Option,

Here for sale is 200mm stroke,

About the Solar Tracking Controller  

Here for sale is WST03-5 Single Axis Solar Tracker Controller, the main function is to control the single axis (oblique single axis)
system to track the sunlight. Items include the controller box, light sensor&2meters wire and IR (infrared) remote controller.
One of the advantage is that the light sensor is inside the waterproof shell which can extend the light sensor's lifespan. Another advantage is there is a sun-visor which can enlarge the detection angle range and thus increase the tracking accuracy.
  • Tracking accuracy is high, average tracking accuracy is ≤1°(The actual accuracy is relevant with the system’s moving speed);
  • The light-sensor is inside the waterproof shell, which is waterproof, dustproof and resistant to ageing;
  • The interval time of continuous tracking is adjustable;
  • The threshold value of the light-sensor is adjustable;
  • The threshold value of the wind speed sensor is adjustable;
  • With working status indicator light, can indicate multiple working status: East-West orientation working status, manual status, 
  • wind speed action status, sunny status, cloudy status, execute to scheduled homing status in cloudy day, self-lock status at night;
  • Can execute to scheduled homing position in cloudy day or at night;
  • With IR remote control to manually control the East-West orientation;
  • Users can add external limit switch as needed;
  • Users can add wind speed sensor as needed;
  • Can move to scheduled position when there is wind (Needs to add wind speed sensor);
  • East-West orientation limiting (Needs to add limit switch);
  • Wrong battery pole connection protection, with over-current protection fuse;
  • Low standby power, standby current is <10mA.
Product Highlights: 
  • Easy-installation.
  • Single axis tracker provides up to 35% more power production
  • Engineered to hold up to 1000 Watts of solar panels
  • Waterproof with IP65
  • Small self –consumption.
Never approach a solar tracker while the Solar Tracker electronics are “on”.
The solar tracker can move unexpectedly and the powerful linear actuator/motor can cause serious injury or death.

Always disconnect the Solar Tracker electronics from its power supply before approaching the solar tracker.

Solar tracking system: Solar photovoltaic System, solar thermal system,etc.
Package Including: 
  • 1X 450mm 18" Stroke 4mm/s Speed Linear Actuator.
  • 1X Solar Tracking Controller+Light Sensor+IR Remote.
  • 2X Silver Mounting Brackets for the linear actuator.


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